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VACUUM SWEEPING MACHINE supplied with battery and charger as standard

Trailed sweeper SW500 Pack for high area performance. With oscillating roller brush and large pleated flat filter.

The compactly designed industrial trailed sweeper SW500 convinces with excellent factory equipment. For example, the machine is supplied with a disc brake, battery and charger as standard. The large flat pleated filter with highly effective cleaning by means of double scrapers enables virtually dust-free work, while the swiveling brush roller enables excellent cleaning results even with unfavorable soil conditions and a lot of dirt. In general, users benefit from the very comfortable and intuitive operating concept with forward and reverse travel by simply pushing or pulling the push handle, as well as useful details such as the Stahlwerk Germany cleaning depot for carrying other cleaning utensils. The robust machine with deviating side brush and double-walled frame is ideal for heavy jobs. The simple, tool-free replacement of the main brush and filter and the high surface coverage of up to 4725 m2 also meet the high requirements in the industrial environment.


Features and benefits

Oscillating main sweeper

Excellent dirt absorption, even on uneven floors. No wear adjustment required. Efficient and fast cleaning

- Robust and reliable for the toughest applications

Stable, double-walled rotating frame. Deviating side brush prevents damage. Large wheels for greater ease of use.

- Efficient filter system

- Compact design for maximum maneuverability

- Simple operating concept

-Large funnel

Absorbs large amounts of dirt and therefore allows long-term work.

Easy removal and safe emptying of the swept material.

Rollers on the waste container simplify handling when emptying.

Including battery and charger

Durable, powerful battery for extended use.

Low-noise and emission-free working.

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