Stahlwerk V100-2 2800W Industrial vacuum cleaner 100 liters

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Stahlwerk V100-2 2800W Industrial vacuum cleaner 100 liters

This vacuum cleaner sucks up everything. Yes, really everything. You can quickly clean up wet leaves, construction waste, a spilled glass and even steamed wallpaper with this effective Stahlwerk all-purpose vacuum cleaner. Suitable for tidying up and cleaning every room in the house and even outside. Wet or dry, coarse or fine. A wet/dry vacuum cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, construction vacuum cleaner, all-purpose vacuum cleaner, wet/dry vacuum cleaner and regular vacuum cleaner in one. Equipped with an extremely strong and durable stainless steel collection reservoir and supplied with various accessories. In addition, the vacuum cleaner is very manoeuvrable due to the tiltable base.


– Stahlwerk industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaner 2x 1400W – 100 liters.

– Various accessories; 3-piece PP extension tube, a wet/dry floor brush, a grout nozzle, a round brush, a washable dust filter and a water filter.

– Stahlwerk manual.


Unique specifications;

– Suitable for vacuuming wet and dry materials, both coarse and fine.

– Equipped with a tiltable base.

- Assets; 2x 1400W (2800W).

– Voltage; 230V / 50 Hz.

– Volume collection container 100 litres.

– Material collection container; Inox stainless steel.

- Under pressure; 230 mbar.

– Air quantity; 2300 litres/min.

– Length of suction hose; 5 meters.

– Suction hose diameter; 32mm.

– Liquid drain; separate drain valve.

– Suction tube release system; manually with locking button.

– Filter with shake function.

- Cable length; 5 meters.

- Noise level; 82dB(a)

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